I developed a love for music at an early age. Fortunately, I was introduced to a wide variety of music from different cultures by my parents but especially by African culture. I played samba drums in middle school which helped my timing and rhythm. While in high school my love for music grew and I became interested in hip hop music. My high school provided a basic piano beat machine which I started using to develop my own music while simultaneously rapping along. After I graduated high school I went to college to study communications. While I was in college I kept working on my craft. I got my hands on some better software called “Fruity Loops”. I began making better quality beats and took rapping more seriously. I did a few shows on and off campus, building a substantial local fan base. After some time I discovered the sound that I believed would work best for me and that no one else could imitate. I really recognized the direction that I wanted to take in the beginning of January 2012, but in 2016 my vision became much clearer. Since then, I have worked with many local artists, dropped multiple mix tapes and shot several official music videos. Three of which were posted on, and one made it on BET Jams in February 2017 titled "Won't Land". I have performed in several shows around the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia] area.

"I don't make music for the fame. Although now I realize fame will assist me in allowing the masses to hear my music. Music has the potential to change lives. I feel it is important to be able to make multiple styles of music. I enjoy being able to make a conscious, party, R&B, and even reggae music. I simply write about my personal life. I often talk about the trials and tribulations that I have experienced as well as the positive and motivating factors in my life. I make music about how the way things are and the way i believe they should be. I aim to motivate, inspire, and above all contain real content that people from all different walks of life can relate to and enjoy. I make music to give a voice to those who feel they have been ignored or overlooked. I use to feel the same way and now I finally understand I can add value to my ideas and give myself a voice with investing and branding myself for the world. A rapper is only words, but an artist represents an entire vision. I plan on continue to put in the work to execute the mission."